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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CEBU - Nightlife Venues / HotSpots

CEBU - Nightlife Venues / HotSpots

Includes surrounding areas , eg Moalboal ; Mactan/Lapu Lapu & nearby Island of Bohol.

GUIDE only :

Use the information below as a broad guide only.

It will be more than helpful in getting you started.

I personally visit Philippines as much as possible , and then update the info below. Otherwise updates are based on proven reliable sources.

"Reviewed" (below) means info re-read and adjusted where necessary.

UPDATES : Reviewed February 2009


Some part company with Cebu when it comes to its nightlife activities. It's certainly no Angeles City with full on , wall to wall Go-Go's. And its not a Manila with GoGo's , Freelance joints , whorehouses in abundance , either.

People most probably would not refer to Cebu as the' Pearl of the South' if it was blatantly a red light district as say Angeles. Even so , there is adequate pussy available , even though it is spread out , all over the place. Fortunately taxi drivers are pleasant and trips from one place to another are cheap.

Overall , I would say Cebu City is slow paced and nice. Angeles is fast paced and very sexy. Same for Manila , fast and full on sex.

Bear in mind the average monthly salary in Cebu is around Pesos 4/5000. So 1500 is more than enough for an all night encounter. Go-Go's make you pay a Bar Fine of around 6/700 then the girl expects 1000 or more on top of that. Casa's/Whorehouses are P2500 and up. So before you give them the equivalent of one weeks wages or more, make sure you have got something of value. Some Go-Go Girls will meet you during the day for P500/700 Short Time. Only thing is , don't let Mama-san find out , or the girl is in real trouble.

OVERVIEW : Subjective personal opinion only ...

Must see/do :

GoGo Bars ... Vikings and G Bar , details below.

Disco's ... Pump1 , Juliana's and/or Sunflower. Take your ear plugs and do not breath in , when at smoke filled Pump1 : ) Details below.

Casa's/Whore house ... Hanna Valley .3. aka "Gate .3". Details below

Sleaze ... Jonquerra 'basketball court'. Details below.

Eye Candy and remote possibility of a pick up .... Ayala Shopping Mall (SM Mall 2nd pref).

Colon Street , between 9am - 5pm , for working class shopping experience and remote possibility of a pick up. Details below.

Massage .. Finland , details below.


As you know by now, not an abundance of them in Cebu City. Neither Angeles or Manila can be beaten in that respect. Thus you can have a break of sorts from your gogo 'meat inspectors' duties. Aaah for the good old days when Cebu had beauties dancing as go-go girls. Can't turn back the clock I'm afraid. Same precautions, as with other go-go's, whether it be Angeles or Patpong (Thailand) or wherever. And don't think just because Cebu is laid back, and provincially friendly, that all is well with your bar chits. I remember one guy telling me he had received a drinks chit for P9,000 at a Cebu Go-Go Bar. The guy seemed serious, and had some how got himself into a bind. Not hard to imagine a situation where there is a 'misundersanding' when he shouts all the girls a ladies drink and this goes on for hours whilst he is there. He thinking it was just one round. Something like that must have happened, to reach the P9,000 mark. Even so, Cebu Go-Go Bars , like all bars everywhere, have to be watched. Armed security guards at the door, you wont get out without paying. The P9,000 man told me he was escorted back to his nearby hotel by gun toting security to get enough money to pay his 'surprise' chit.

So, here are the main Go-Go Bars , in no set order.

Average Prices - Your Drink .. anything from P35 before 9pm to P95 thereafter ; Ladies Drinks , anything from P65 to P175 (and beyond) , depending on where you are; Bar Fine - P6/700, but then again some bars roll the girls tip into it and thus your paying a P1700/2000 bar fine which includes everything , before you get out the door , and so you have to make clear what you are paying for, with both the girl and the mamasan together, before you leave the bar, to avoid 'misunderstandings' the next morning. Nowadays , some bars are trying to get more than P2000 all up. Pricing themselves out of it. F. Burgos St sydndrome (Makati , Manila). Angeles City has a much much bigger selection of girls , much bigger and P1300 everything included. Girl in AC expects a P200/500 tip next morning , though. Angeles City for GoGo Bar action , not Cebu City.

Paying up front has its dangers of course. The girl knows she has got the money already and thus her performance might be lacking. Pays to spend some time with the girl beforehand and sus her out. Cebu has a not so great reputation for girls doing a runner after only one shot. Doesn't happen every time , but can happen.

The currency quoted on this website is the Filipino Pesos. For conversion to your local currency refer to :

Suggest you start at the Iglesia Ni Cristo GoGo area in Gen Maxillom Ave :

There is a standout Church with tall spires called , 'Iglesia Ni Cristo' in Gen Maxillon Ave (aka Mango Ave). If you were standing on the opposite side of the road , as the church , and a few metres in the direction of Fuente Osmena , and looking across the road from left to right you would see : Club Stars ; Dimples ; Love City and Papillons. Standing on the church side of the road and looking across you would see : Midnight Sun Bar (Vikings) ; BG's Bikini Bar , 'Black Hole Bar' and a couple of others. Simplest way is say : "Viking Bar Mango Ave" to taxi driver and start on that side of the street , the better side. Every taxi driver knows Viking Bar.

NOTE : These kinds of places fall in an out of favour very quickly. Suggest you pop your head inside the door and have a quick peep. Only step inside and buy a drink if you like what you see.

1. "Vikings" aka "Midnight Sun Bar" . Located in Mango Ave , On the opposite side of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church. Reports about this place vary a lot. One thing is consistent there are some 'honeys' there. Some say back home in the hotel room the girls are not value. That would not surprise me , knowing who is controlling the business. Quite often experienced punters go there perv on the bodies and lively atmosphere but do not bar fine. Have a look and see what you think. Possibly the better looking bodies reside here , day in day out.

Prices , see above 'Average Prices'. Before placing money down make sure it is for all night. Confirm this with Mama-san in presence of girl , if possible. Ladies Drinks are possibly in the vicinity of P240 nowadays. Watch your chits/bills and make sure there are no 'misunderstandings' before you bar fine the girl. Same applies to all other GoGo's listed here.

Overall , I suspect this is the best GoGo Bar in town for a drink and perv. For take out and all night performance , that could be a different matter. Angeles less hassles in this respect. Cebu gogo girls can be 'cheats'.

BG Bikini Bar next to Midnight Sun Bar (Vikings) : Supposedly newer girls , same owner. One should check both of these out , even if only for a few mins. Check them out before any other bars. Good gogo bars not easy to find in Cebu City. Angeles City for that : )

Think I saw on last trip , yet another Viking owned bar squeezed in between Viking and Black Hole = Three owned by Viking management.

2. "Black Hole" Bar , 20 mtrs up , to the right , from Viking Bar (.1. above) But , in recent times I think you will find the place is on a downer. Its also had a change in management and been split in two , not so big any more. Not so highly rated nowadays either , but still worth a peek in the door just in case.

2b. There are two new bars in between Vikings and Black Hole nowadays. Check this side of Mango Ave out first. It's the happening side. Start with Vikings , then head towards Black Hole buying one drink in each , then backtrack to the one you like.

In my opinion , the opposite side of the street is not worth visiting. Here it is :

3. "Club Stars" , formerly : Exotica. On the opposite side of the road to Viking. Management of this place has changed too. Some say pretty girls are lacking. Can do the deed on the premises for a price. Crazy Barfine prices : ST P1500 , 700 goes to the bar. LT 2400 , 700 goes to the bar. Suggest you give this place a miss until Management comes to its senses. Do not encourage silly prices. UPDATE : Management changed yet again , ie , 'silly prices' did not work out. Maybe new management , which is in reality old management , will revert back to reasonable/competitive prices. Even so , suggest you try opposite 'Vikings' side of Mango Avenue first (Vikings - Black Hole x 4/5 GoGo Bars).

Also on the same side of the road as 'Club Stars' and to the left of 'Stars' are : Dimples (nice ladies ?) ; Love City and Papillons. Think you can safely give these bad value places a miss. Can't recall any positive reports ever. Aimed at Filipino/Japanese type clientele.

4. Lone Star Go-Go - Exiting Club Stars , turn right , walk a few short metres , then turn into first street on your right, F. Manalo St , same street as Eddies (see Hotel Accom in Basics notes). At end of Manalo there is T junction , turn right into Queens Road. Lone Star is a few short metres down on your left. All up 3 mins from Club Stars/Mango Ave. This one has gone up and down too , over the years , dont they all : ) . Some like it , others do not like it. Myself , I do not like the Management. Enough guys say the girls there are worth checking out. Overall I would say its reasonably popular with the guys. More popular than 'Club Stars' for example.

Then walk 3 mins back to Mango Ave (aka , Maxillon ) and catch a P40/45 taxi to :

5. Silver Dollar Bar. Longest established expat catering go-go bar. In Osmena Blvd , short walking distance (2 mins) from Robinsons Dept Store (Fuente Osmena area). Silver Dollar is uptown , so your safe. If a taxi driver doesnt know it, he doesnt know Cebu City. Prices , see 'Average Prices' above , although Silver Dollar charges P700 bar fine and balance you pay girl next morning. Check with her how much she expects , should not exceed P1000. Average looking but lively girls. Some say 'pushy' , depends if you look like your not in control (newbie).

Sometimes odd looker can be found here. Old owner has a new energetic partner and it seems place has had a resurgence of sorts. Watch your chit/bill here and every other place. Even so , one of the popular GoGo Bars in Cebu , not outstanding but better chance of a fun time I am told (by many). I rarely visit it nowadays. If your a newbie , you might like to try this one first , but stay in control , dont let them push you into anything you do not like (multiple ladies drinks etc). But do not miss Vikings and the GoGo's on vikings side of the road either (see info above).

6."FH" (formerly Firehouse) , in a lane off Jones Ave (aka 'Osmena Blvd'). Every taxi driver should know it. Update : Read Update2 & 3 below first.

Quite a large bar. Assessment of these kinds of places is always subjective and personal. Popularity varies amongst mongers. Costs are in the vicinity of : Your drink P35 to 9pm then P70. Ladies Drink P175. Bar Fine 950 (?) and expected Tip the next morning P1000 or more , varies girl to girl , check prices out beforehand. Location - From S. Dollar, walk along Osmena Blvd in a southerly direction , away from Robinsons , towards downtown, about three/five minutes, and after , repeat after the Hospital , take the first lane on your left. AMA Computer School/Angelica Bakery , is just before the lane. You'll see a neon flashing twenty metres into this lane. Still uptown, so still safe at night to walk around there. Significant number of Filipino patrons apparently. Watch your behaviour : ) UPDATE : Maybe its had a resurgence of late. But still , check out Vikings-Black Hole strip then Lone Star bar and Silver Dollar Bar .. before this one. Leave it to last , or not at all. UPDATE2 : Apparently now closed down. UPDATE3 : Now re-opened ? Suggestion : Forget it.

7. St Moritz (Hotel/GoGo) Seems this place has 'died'. Personally , I would not check it until I'd heard some positive news about the place. Forget. Was good in the old days , aint good any more. Might not even be functioning anymore , no one goes there , including me , so dont really know.

Overall : As you can see lots of change of management , prices , quality. Vikings , BG Bikini , Lone Star and Silver Dollar are must check outs. Do not expect too much , Cebu City is not a GoGo town , Angeles City is the GoGo town of the Philippines. See separate page for Angeles info.


Filipino/Native Go-Go Bars are different to the expat orientated ones cause they usually have a small regular stage and the guys sit at 'kitchen' tables perving on the average looking babes. If your extremely lucky you might run into a 'new' girl with a nice body/attitude etc. , but mostly you've got 'heavy' troupers who've been doing it for a while. No pole dancing as we know it. The chances of trouble from drunk Filipino's is minimal if you behave yourself.

These dance places are located in Palaez and Sanciangko Streets. Start early around 8/8.30pm at the Palaez/Sanciangko corner. Pimps will approach you in the streets all night long , just ignore them , they are representing b. grade girls in the Jonquera Settlement area nearby (see below details re Jonquera). At a guess there are about 10/12 native dives (dance places) in this area. My advice is : be out of the area by 12 midnight , if on your own. Seedy , sleazy , but an experience , I can assure you : )


1. These are normally expensive places and poor value , mostly catering for those with a big spender mentality. You pay for the posh atmosphere and expensive dresses the girls are wearing. Some have totally nude dancing etc. Good perv spots if you do not get involved in too many expensive Ladies Drinks. Best is not to get involved in Ladies Drinks till you've seen all the girls on offer. Get one you like best at your table , buy one or two Ladies Drinks , then secretly slip your cellphone tag to her for a rendeszvous next day. This suits her , as she is free to be bar fined by some full paying sucker that night , then before she starts work next day she can come and ST with you. You will save unnecessary expenses , and she will make extra money (day light shaggin). Make sure management does not see you slip cell number , which you have pre-printed and on the ready at all times. ST with one of these girls next day would run into P1500 , pos P2000 if stunner. Do not talk price , bang first and see if , Star Fish P1000. She's got no come uppance , she's not supposed to be shaggin without her employer getting a cut : )

Dont forget , some of these girls think they are 'movie stars' and thus do not perform very well in bed. All the more reason to road test her without paying an official bar fine fee. Popular and well known : Jaguar ; Infinity ; Arena (Reclamation area). Bar Fines can vary from P4-6000. And even then you can end up with a starfish. Best modus operandi .... 1. one/two LD's only 2. Slip cell number 3. Daylight shaggin. Taxi drivers know all the places I have mentioned.

See also Club Harem , under Mandaue City , way down below.


There are cheapie 'native' KTV equivalents , but your rubbing shoulders with the local boys and the quality of the girls usually leaves a lot to be desired. Stick to expat orientated places where it is safer , and the girls usually of a better quality (at a higher price : ) Having said that , the genuine prospector can occasionally find a real gem in those 'native' places : ) Be respectful of the local boys , if you intend taking a babe out of their favourite spot.

See "Lapu Lapu City/Mactan" info below for more KTV info.

These places are something like a fashion parade where the models ( ? not the models we are thinking of : ) take their clothes off. Some places 'tease' only, not fully nude. Expensive places. You will have to pay a cover charge. Remember, a girls attitude is also important.

See UPDATES below. After a long absence from these places I checked them out again and found them a waste of time (and money).

2. Unsatisfactory Show Places (personal opinion) :

Note : The following info will be somewhat outdated , cause I dont visit these unsatisfactory places anymore :

Note all prices have most probably gone up since I visited ( I am not going back : ) ......

1. "Volvo" , F Ramos Street , just down from Robinsons Dept Store and opposite Holiday Plaza Hotel. Nude 'fashion' show. Entrance P100 , Your Drink P60 , Ladies Drink P120 , Long Time price P4000 for a girl with a short time mentality. Note : All these prices could have gone up since I visited some time ago. Overpriced reasonable looking girls. Supposedly 50 on tap , doubt it. Similar to Thunder' .........average girls at silly (expensive) prices. Watch Ladies Drinks. If you let one sit down at your table you will find a Ladies Drink arrive pronto , without anyone ever consulting you beforehand.

3." Thunderdome", F. Ramos Street, next door to Volvo. Almost a 'clone' of Volvo in prices , attitudes , quality etc. Although they had the cheek to mention a P800 Bar Fine and P4000 for the chick next morning. For sucker tourists only. Especially Japanese guys. ("Velly gooood ......small plick uh big money"............. not so good : Thomas , small plick small money !)

4." Century Hotel" , Pelaez St, downtown (Pimp Street). You have to go up the elevator , to the 5th Floor , to the Eden Celebrity Club. I think you are the celebrity , not the girls : ) Long established place. Update - I visited this place a while back. Terrible place nowadays. Entrance P150 = 2 drinks. Ladies Drink P160. Supposedly the ladies here do not like to be bar fined. I think it is the customers who do not like to Bar Fine the ladies : ) Forget it.

Too much government interference I suspect = not worth investing in good looking girls, putting some decent furniture in there and give the place a new coat of paint etc. In days gone by (1970's) this was a 'luxury' place with gorgeous girls. Not any more. The sex scene in Cebu definitely has suffered from post Marcos governments and the 'political correctness disease' which has spread the world , courtesy of the feminitza's and brow beaten male politicians. Go to one of the KTV's mentioned above if you want to see something representing 'model' bodies , eg , Arena KTV (expensive , but at least there is some quality about the girls).

Overall - I would say 'Show Places' in Cebu City nowadays are 'no show' places. Give them a miss.

All of this info belongs to


Cebu City is not the greatest place to find freelance ladies. It's not like Thailand in that respect. And its not Manila , which has a much bigger Freelance scene. Cebu's is almost non existent. Although , you can get lucky sometimes and score a regular girl (not a freelancer/hooker).

Don't forget ....slip it on dong, slip it on (condom) with foot loose and fancy free , non medically checked Freelancers. A dose, is the least you can expect : )

Disco Action : If I was hunting for a hooker via Disco's , I would go to Pump1 and or either Juliana's. There is not much pick up potential after them. Sunflower slight possibility. Pump2 (quite different to 'Pump') I found unsatisfactory but might have visited on an off night. If I wanted to score a non hooker , I would also keep in mind "Paseo" (see notes below)

Pump1 Disco - As I say repeatedly , the nightlife scene is ever changing and it seems Pump , small as it is , is a superior disco pick up place right now. Superior to Sunflower mentioned below , which nowadays does not seem to pull many hookers and is expensive by comparison. If you do not like the excessive noise at Pump , you can sit outside where there are girls too (mostly korean when I was there) but first spend a few mins inside secure someone and drag her outside away from the noise and smoke. Location of Pump : off Cardinal Reyes Ave , side of Cebu Grand Majestic Hotel. Every taxi driver should know it. M-F ladies free , guys P50 on off nights (M-W only ?) P100 'on' nights (Frid and Sat for sure , and maybe Thurs too). P50 SanMig. Prices might have varied by the time you get there. Lot cheaper and slightly more effective pick up place than Sunflower (below).

UPDATE : One trip on Frid and Sat nights 90% koreans. Next trip 6 months later 90% filipinos. Worth a visit , more exciting than Sunflower , in my opinion. Sunflower , if your young , you've got a chance with 'nice' non hooker girls (Sunflower).

There is also another Pump2 Disco , small as it is , located in Mango Square , behind the National Book Store , Mango Avenue. Entrance P50. Do not enter the wrong door. Around the back (not in Mango Ave). Have now checked it : Small , not a great chance , but try it and Mango Square area (action).

Juliana's Disco - is in Mango Square entertainment area. Off Mango Ave (aka Gen. Maxillon Ave). All taxi drivers should know it. Relatively newcomer and maybe sprung up as a result of filipinos being overcrowded by Koreans at Pump1 Disco. Chairs sometimes outside , good place to check talent entering. Thursdays they have sexy dancer comp as they do at Sunflower Disco (info below). Thurs Frid Sat are the biggest nights (as at most disco's : ) 2/3am onwards girls working elsewhere front up at Juliana's. Be on the alert for trans sexuals here and rest of Mango Square , and just about everywhere else in the Philippines (and Thailand .. more so).

Currently Pump1 and Juliana's are the best disco prospects for a pick up.

Sunflower Disco - Every taxi driver knows this place , just say "Sunflower Lahug" and you'll be right. Lahug is pronounced 'La-hoog' and is the suburb Sunflower resides in. See 1st Feb link (No.16) in the 'NEW' page for pics and various stories about Sunflower. Also in FFF5 there is pic of sexy dancers at Sunflower.

See UPDATE below , Sunflower going 'down'.

Entrance P100/150 , does not include a drink. Friday and Saturday nights arrive around 10pm if you want choice of seat. Thursday night is Sexy Dancer night where around 12midnight they invite girls in the audience to get up on the stage and boogie for substantial prizes. Fun for all. A beer costs P101 (yes 1). Note : I think it might be P160 nowadays ? (On my first visit it was P85 ! Compare Pump where its P50) . Other drinks (for ladies) can be expensive. Food is available.

Do not think that all of the girls at Sunflower are pay for play , a substantial percentage are not , anything from 85-95% are regular girls not interested in selling themselves but yes , interested in meeting a foreigner (80% would be). In fact , whole families with kids attend the place at times. What percentage of the girls in attendance are pay for play ? No one knows , nowadays (updated) at a wild guess , let's say : 2-5% which means not many hookers attend nowadays . You will know them , they will make eye contact with you on more than one occasion. Watch out for the bayuts/bakla's/transvestites. Some of the better looking pick up women giving you the eye are 'she-men' , including babes with lovely looking boobs (post operative babes). Possibly 1% at Sunflower are 'gender benders' : )

UPDATE : Last trip , gender bender numbers seemed to be down. Hookers accompanied by foreigners noticeable. Hookers hunting , almost non existent. Good girls there were a plenty. If your 50 or over , hard to secure a girl here nowadays. Pump Disco (see above) is the go right now. But oldies dont like excrutiatingly loud music. Take ear plugs : )

Think Sunflower goes to 4am. Latest I ever left the place was 3.30am and it showed no signs of closing then.

NATIVE PLACE (Front left of Sunflower) :

Nowadays , to the left and before entering Sunflower you will see a native dance/drinks place , called "Kasadja". Nice girls there , place packed. But not for mongers. If your young you might be able to pick up a fuck here , but for the rest of us ..... "pass by" , wasting your time and theirs. Loud music , packed like Sardines. For the young at heart only : ) Update : Wasnt opened during week last trip. Maybe only opened weekends now ?

Ratsky's , Aya Mall - Update : Ratskys currently closed down. It will locate elsewhere in Ayala. Let you know when I get the info.

Before closing down : Ask taxi driver to take you to "Bo's Coffee Shop Ayala" (Bo's pronounced : Bows , not : Boss) On exiting taxi , walk up Mall steps , and once inside the Mall , straight ahead you will find Ratsky's 30 mtrs down on your left. P100 entrance on Frid and Sat nights , others free. Not the same feel as Sunflower , but if you find Sunflower 'flat' backtrack to Ratsky's. Similar situation as SF , ie , predominantly good girls or bad girls in company of their man.

Budo's/Udos Disco - Pronounced Boodos/ 'Oodoos'. Location : Crossroads Entertainment Complex , quite a taxi ride out from the city itself. Taxi drivers seem to know it. Smallish disco , no entrance fee , hence full of virgins : ) Seriously , pick up potential here is very limited. You can find a girlfriend/potential wife here , but can you find a fuck ? Expect the good girls to have a male friend or brother chaperoning them , or at least to be with one or two girl friends. The chances of one of them going home with you on the night you meet is remote. Dont go there for a quick pick up , its unlikely to happen. Everyone talks about Pump Disco nowadays see above. Popular with hookers and regular folks alike (Pump). UPDATE : I have now visited Budo's/Udos again. Middle class/rich people. They do not need you or me. Forget it.

Paseo Disco - Located in Cabahug , Mabolo. Huge crowds attend this place on Friday and Sat nights , maybe Sundays too. No entrance fee. Beer P35. A very big area with a high tin roof , plastic chairs and tables , cement floor to dance on. Definitely a Filipino hang out and not a foreigner pick up joint. Lots of pretty girls , but lots of brothers , cousins , boyfriends in their company too. Very few foreigners visit the place and those that I saw , left empty handed , including me : )

If your serious about scoring here , you'd have to do a lot of research , observing your prey for sometime , looking for signs whether or not she is with a boyfriend etc. If she appears to be not with a boyfriend but just 'friends' and interested , she will notice you and give you the glad eye. Be careful. If you have made a mistake , just say something like : "Oh sorry , I thought you were someone else" (from the distance). And walk calmly away before the boys at the table get too excited. Best to get out of their view altogether. Not a dangerous area , but different m.o. needed (good girls). If they invite you to join them , why not sit down , there might be someone else at the table you can score with. Though , make sure your not being set up to pay their huge bill : )

H20 Disco - Last time I checked , seemed closed. Taxi driver will know.


Forget street action in Cebu City. Extremely limited and of terrible quality. Davao City for a much bigger street scene (quality still not great though).

If you like reading : ) , continue :

Uptown : UPDATE ... see update below.

There is the odd lady of the night working the streets. Usually they are of poor quality and a security risk (valuables - room) . Walk up Osmena Blvd from Rajah Place Hotel (formerly Park Place Hotel) at Fuente Osmena (small park at centre of the roundabout) and at the second traffic lights North you might see a half a dozen gals parked on the corner. That is , the corner of Sta Christina and Osmena Blvd (also called Jones Avenue) P3/500 ST. A Pimp will pop up out of nowhere and take the money. Give pimp P300 only , and in the privacy of your room give the lady P200 tip and everyone is happy. Cheap sex , eh . Some will stay all night for only P5/750 all up. They do not come from a casa/brothel and thus have more flexibility re price and what they can and can not do. There were only two good ones there last time. Further along Sta Christina at the corner of J. Luna I was approached by young attractive ladies (2) , offering themselves for P400 short time. They had no pimp , cutting costs , not willing to pay a pimp anything : ) P300 is the right price for these girls too.

UPDATE : September did a 1 hour or more 'crawl' in taxi , roughly same as in reconnotres years before , very little on offer , and high percentage were transvestites posing as women. See "Escape-1" Diary on NEW page for more on the crawl (not much). You can take a window seat at Shakeys Pizza (Fuente Osmena) eat a pizza , drink draft beer and try and score a girl passing by on the footpath : )

Alternatively , take a walk down Mango Ave/Maximillon Ave to the National Book Store area. Believe there is some hokey pokey going on in that area too nowadays. Personally , I have never seen any sign of it. Possibly and overflow from the Mango Square area (nearby).

Downtown : University of San Carlos - Corner of P. Del Rosario and Junquerra Streets. I've often heard tales of university students propping outside of the University at night seeking customers. These 'students' or anyone else for that matter , are not always there , and the ones I always see there look more like Jonquera type of girls , no education etc and therefore not 'students' at all. Pimps and gals have found that if the girls are called 'student' , some mongers get excited and open up their wallets. In my opinion genuine students are not found this way. Anyway 75% or more of the girls you will meet will tell you they are a 'student'. It's a scam to raise the price and excite certain people who like to fantasise about screwing 'students' : )

I suggest you have some fun and do some research asking the girls , "are you a student" and see what % answer 'yes'. I suspect most will say yes : )

Conclusion : I asked well informed persons (Filipino's) re pay for play students at University San Carlos , day or night time , and they just laughed. Students do not sell themselves from street corners. They sell/hire via contacts , who are quite often gays. Enough said : )

Sometimes there are pimps downtown who discreetly sneak up on you and whisper in your ear "want a girl". Male and female pimps will approach you, downtown , eg Sanciangko-Palaez St area. ST500 (Max) , LT1000 (Max) . Most, if not all of these girls are coming from the Jonquera Squatter Settlement. Little native shacks a couple of a hundred metres away. Chances of an STD or HIV is higher with these 'bargain basement' girls , who can not afford expensive medicines to treat themselves.

BEWARE of long haired Kathy or any other person setting you up with under age girls. Could cost you P100,000 to extricate yourself from the Police who will come thumping on your door.

WHOREHOUSES: Called Casa's in the Philippines. (Pronounced : car-saahs) . Limited info on Casa's down below.


Not far from Sanciangko-Palaez Sts is the Jonquera Settlement. Source of el cheepo chicks, some of them possibly underage (watch it, you could be set up and it will cost you dearly). For sleaze specialists, having a naughty in Jonquera is a must. I have done so, but only when I was a lot younger, not nowadays. This place is designed to service the needs of low income Filipino's. A taste of 'Sleaze Heaven' for you : ) Let a pimp approach you , say in Palaez St, not far from the Mercedes Hotel (also in Palaez St). Ask him to take you to Jonquera (pronounced - Hon-care-uh .. H is pronounced , its not silent). Last time I was there, I sat in the small native beer cantina's and the pimps brought the girls to me.

Regular ST price for Jonquera is P500 max , you could possibly get it for less and they will most probably ask you for more : ) (See above 'Freelancer' notes , in particular , 'Streets' - Uptown , girls @ c/r of Sta Christina and Osmena Blvd. They are cheaper). LT : P1000 max.

Jonquera girls get half of the P500 , mama-san/pimp the balance. Think it's P200 ST for locals in Jonquera itself in tiny 'hot boxes' , no ventilation , no fan. See pics on Feb 1st 2005 link (No.16) in 'NEW' page. Imagine a girl poking with a non Filipino stranger viz Americano for U$5 !!! (half of the P500).

If you approach Jonquera in a taxi , he will take you to the 'Basketball' entrance in P. Del Rosario Street , almost opposite the 'Sun Star' newspaper office , or alternatively , opposite Super Mario Bakeshop c/r P. Cui & P Del Rosairo Sts. Resident of Jonquera said 9pm best time , myself I'd say , 7- 8pm. This is not the same 'thrill' as walking in with a pimp on the other side of Jonquera (Sanciangko entrance) , sitting down at a grubby cantina and having the girls brought to you. I'ts more orderly that way. Via taxi it's a mad rush as there is competition between the numerous pimps to bring this/that one. If they see you sitting down and having a beer , deep inside Jonquera itself they will take their time and bring you better stuff. Sitting in the taxi , they might think you are going to take off any minute , panic , and bring you the first one they get their hands on. Not necessarily one of the better ones : )

All of this is Copyright info belonging to

Some of the Jonquera girls are scrawny, undernourished creatures, but somehow they keep smiling. It's condom time. The least you could expect without a condom is the clap : )

Get the pimp to escort you back out of the area if its late at night. Safest and best 'selection' .... around 7pm - 8pm. If you do not take a gal , tip the lad/pimp , he might find something nice for you another day. The pimps have to eat too , you know : ) P50 (U$1) would be a reasonable tip , P100 generous.

Sleaze Heaven - Jonquera : )

See pics and stories in Feb 1st 2005 link (No.16) of 'NEW' page.


Whorehouses/Casa's ....

Expat type whorehouses/casa's :

1. "Hana Valley.3." also know as "Gate.3" by taxi drivers. This ones at Banilad , not far from Country Mall , all taxi drivers know it. 7pm - 8pm best time. About 40 attractive girls when I called , asking price P3/4000 (compare GoGo girl P1500/2000). If your prepared to pay those prices , I am confident you will be able to find a nice one at Hanna Valley.3. Info from their calling card : "Gate.3. J Panis St , c/r Vico Road , Banilad ... besides Cempark. Val Martin/Rey Grande (Pimp/Managers) Phone 232 1159".

2. "Monet" - Gay owned and run. Time I called they only had 5 girls in residence , reckon they can call more in. Not my scene , I moved on.

Every taxi driver knows Monet , "behind Capitol" (State government building , top of Jones/Osmena Blvd). Apparently Monet ask P3/4000 , not worth it , stick with Hana Valley 3 (above).

3. Whore houses (casa's) are no longer my scene , but I am sure , if you hired a taxi by the hour (P200 per hour) you would come across a lot of casa's , some of them 'native style' ,ie , catering for Filipinos , others a little upmarket for the wealthier clientele.

MASSAGE: As explained before, I am not a Massage fanatic. Consequently use the following prices as a guide only.


"Finland". This one has moved to "Luym" (Pron : Loo em) Building , on the corner of Juan Luna and Plaridel Streets. Coming down Osmena Blvd , you cross over Colon St , Osmena changes its name to Juan Luna St. Further down on right hand side you will find Plaridel St sign , Finland is on that corner. All taxi drivers know Luym. P450 massage plus extra for sex. Finland is one of the longest established massage places. Reportedly prices are : Massage P450 , plus BJ P500 , plus Sex/intercourse P1000. Seems to be the most popular massage place nowadays. Personally dont know , never take a Massage (bad value in my books).

Mars Massage. 3rd Flr Hallmark Hotel (small sign , doesnt look like a hotel) , 179 Osmena Blvd , just over Colon Intersection , near a c/r near Gaisano Metro Dept Store. Massage P300 , BJ500. Full sex ? not sure. Ph.2536906 for clearer directions. Alternatively just ask taxi driver "Hallmark Hotel".

Wild Orchid Health Club - in the Crown Regency Hotel , Guadalupe. About 10/15 mins and P45 by taxi from Fuente Osmena (ie heart of Cebu City). There are reputedly some attractive girls in residence here. Massage itself around P350/500 , plus BJ only P500 , plus sex another P1000. Above the ground floor there is a KTV with a number of girls in residence. Not cheap : Ladies Drinks P260 ; VIP Room P1500 ; Girl P1000. Service is offered day and night , they say.

Waterfront Hotel Lahug supposedly offers Massage too. Taxi drivers know it.

Budget Massage - "Hearts Health Services" Massage. Formerly located on the Ground Floor of the Fuente Pension House , now located at 21A Gorordo Avenue , Lahug. Jan 2005 no taxi driver knew of its whereabouts. Directions : coming from Maxillon Ave (aka Mango Ave) and heading North up Gorordo Ave approx 200mtrs on left you will see large 'Aerophone' sign. Directly opposite on the other side of the road (Gorordo Ave) is a small shop like building with a 'Hearts Health Services' sign above the door. See pics/photo's 'NEW' page , 1st Feb 2005 (No.16) link. Very basic place. Finland (above) more popular.

Cost of Massage : Reportedly as follows .... P250 sixty mins massage only , no sexual titillation. Blow Job P500 but maybe only with condom. P1000 for sex/intercourse. Remember you only have 60 mins all up. You can get a Freelancer all night (8pm - 8am 12hrs) elsewhere with BJ thrown in for P500/1000. Some punters have reported that Hearts is not as hygienic as it should be. After you have visited the place let's know what you think.

Caesars Palace Mandaue City - not cheap. Dont know much about it , called there a long time ago. Massage is not my scene.

Rajah Place Hotel (or Rajah Park ... formerly Garwood/Park Place Hotel etc etc , they keep changing the name , had four names in as many years !) Fuente Osmena , might have a Massage service. Big Sign on wall outside "Casino Filipino". UPDATE : This Hotel now under new management , see Field Reports , give this place a miss.

Top hotels usually offer Massage , enquire if its sex massage or not.


NOTE : I do not do this anymore. Nowadays , very thin pickings. Maybe cause I am a lot older now : )

For those who want to read something :

Day time only , or to 7pm night. Do not hang around downtown at night. Can be unsafe.

Day time : Get the taxi driver to drop you off at Colon Street, about a fifteen minute walk down Jones Avenue from Rajah Place Hotel. Then walk up and down Colon Street , going in and out of all the Department Stores , especially Gaisano Metro on the corner. The female employees of these stores can be attractive and they would just love to toss that poorly paid job in for your passport (ie marry you and get your citizenship) . I am not suggesting you trick them with marriage proposals that you have no intention of carrying out. Such tactics are frowned upon by yours truly and are not necessary , to get a naughty (see below story). But ever the optimists , these girls have marriage to a foreigner on their mind. Use that motivation to your advantage and chat the shop assistants up. Also, chat girls shopping. Cebuano's are very approachable , if a little shy. Give them your prepared cell phone number. Sit back and see what happens. I bet you start getting text messages almost immediately : )

Marriage story : One foreigner used the 'marriage' bait one time too many. Girls mother reported him , he was apprehended at Airport , spent 4 months in prison , when he finally agreed to pay P700,000 compensation and got out of jail. Not sure what the charge was , but dont go around fooling Filipino women , you could pay a heavy price for doing so.

OUT OF TOWN HUNTING :(Short taxi ride from Downtown)

Ayala Shopping Centre -

There are two main entrances

1. Bo's Coffee Shop entrance for Ratsky's , drinking and pervin etc


2. Est (East) Entrance :

Just say to taxi driver 'Ayala' (pronounced : Ah-yahlah) , when he gets close he might ask "where" , say 'Est entrance'. They pronounce East as Est. Enter the door under the 'Turista' sign (see pic Feb 1st 2005 link (No.16) on the 'NEW' page.

Ayala is good for a perv , nice girls walking around here , but not as many as SM (Shoe Mart Mall). Pickup potential is minimal but possible , especially at the Coffee/Beer joints.

1. Idea Italia Coffee joint on the ground floor is a spider and fly spot with limited potential. When you enter via 'Turista' entrance (see above) turn hard right and few short metres you have Italia on your right. Hookers know foreigners sit here , so you have got some chance , but not a big chance. On one occasion there was one hooker on a nearby table eyeing me off , another time I saw an attractive hooker with two old punters. But not a lot happening here really. P45 Beer , including root beer (cheap root : )

2. Cafe O' Georg ... if you sit at one of the small outside tables , its nice perving (4pm on) and a long shot for a 'meet' (with a babe). Longshot.

3. Walking around (ground floor level) you might come across Bo's Coffee Club , in the middle of the walkway. Limited chance here too.

4. Ayala Entertainment Centre :

See my UPDATE , at end.

Note : This 'Entertainment' area is now undergoing major changes. Maybe by mid 2009 changes completed. Believed to be kicking out drinks places and installing more shops. Not good news.

Up one level (above ground floor level) , ask folks for 'Time Zone' , everyone knows it. On the corner of TZ turn left into the walkway/alley , go down to the end and you have Bo's Coffee Shop again , Ratsky's (now closed , non existent) etc. Have a look if any 'freelancer' types around , prop at a nearby table and try your luck. 4pm - 6pm there is a remote chance. Ayala is a quality Mall , but the Freelancers working this Mall are not quality , look like street hookers. Regulars girls are sometimes open to casual conversations , eg , "excuse me where is ...................... " , then invite girl to walk you to the place , along the way chat her up , invite her at a drinks place your passing , to stop and have a chat. Be prepared for knock backs : )

Alternative way of finding this chicks area : Catch taxi to Bo's Coffee Shop (pronounced : Bows (bows and arrows) , not , Boss) Ayala. Walk up entrance to Ayala and straight ahead. Bo's Coffee Shop on right then Tequila Jo's (Indoor Bar/Restaurant now closed) , Ratsky's (now closed) etc. In evening , especially weekends lots of pretty girls here but not inclined to be picked up : ) Best pick up chance : take a front table at any drinks place out in the open. If girl interested she will slow down next to you or even sit at a nearby table. Its then you 'move in' for the kill.

Update : If not young , not easy to pick up in this area. Some very pretty girls but they are not inclined to talk to 'mature' guys. 8/9pm on weekends this area is now dead cause Ratsky's and T. Joes closed , readying for major changes (more shops).

I do not rate Ayala as great pick up potential , even though I was successful on my last trip. There was a time when it was heading that way (potential) , but I think Management of the Ayala complex nipped freelancing in the bud. Even so it is the most pleasant Mall in Cebu City with nice chicks strolling around , a significant number with their own money/independent (unfortunately : )

If you need eye candy , like I do , its this drinkin area of Ayala for you (Bo's entrance to Ayala... sit outside at Bo's or somewhere else and perv to your hearts content : ). Much greater perv potential at Bo's but they do not serve beer there.

UPDATE : This Ratsky (now closed down)/Bo's area I now call the 'cul de sac' , is now downgraded. Not enough 'traffic' (cul de sac). Better to move away from this area and find a spot where beer is served , bar stools , pervin/observin is possible. At Ayala , it's a long shot , pulling a passing girl to your table , but still nice perving : )

Latest info I have : At entrance to Ayala and Bo's (inside) there are Tequila Jo's chairs and tables outside the building. Alcohol served , and perving much better here (girls coming and going) , but your out in the heat , noise , and exhaust pollution from the hundreds of arriving and departing taxis right in front of you , etc and fat chance of a girl coming to your table , too public and roped off. Always exceptions , eg straight forward hookers will climb the rope : )

All of this info belongs to ............. if only Ayala belonged to us : )

Shoe Mart Shopping Centre -

This was the 'first taxi off the rank' (first new Shopping Mall) , Ayala soon followed after. They are relatively a short distance and taxi ride from each other.

Make sure you get dropped off at 'Gate.3' (entrance three) in J.Luna Street. Note : On my last trip they were re-organising taxi drop off/pick ups. Will have to wait and see what developes in this regard. See UPDATE below.

Here is info before re-org : On entering Gate.3. walk straight ahead and up the stairs to the first level , this is the busiest level for girls etc. At top of first flight of steps on this first level , turn hard left and then walk down to wear you will see on the left hand side 'French Baker' (see Feb 1st 2005 link (No.16) for pic of it) . Some folk say this is a Spider and Fly joint where you can pick up passing women. Nowadays I have begun to doubt that. Next door in the doughnut joint there were good looking women. Very few , if any women , sit inside French Baker which sells food foreign to Filipino's. It is possible , but a long shot to get a passing girl/s to stop and join you at French Baker. UPDATE : Yeh , French Baker is a 'perv' spot only : )

There are thousands of babes walking around SM especially on weekends but the majority are teeny boppers , well under 18yrs of age. Yes , there is a chance of picking up a legal aged babe here cause the atmosphere is exciting compared to say Ayala (more reserved sophisticated at Ayala). Best option is maybe talking to a shop assistant , eg , in the SM Dept Store itself , or the many small shops. Hard to stop a passing babe in her tracks and hand her your cellphone number , easier to do that to a Shop Assistant , who is after all paid to talk to 'customers' like you : ) Just front up to an attractive shop assistant and ask her some ambigious question , it will be the pretext to asking her "whats your name" (and tell her yours for text messages) , "are you single" (she will say yes) , "do you have a boyfriend" (she will say no) and so forth. Slip her your pre printed or ready made hand written cellphone number and sit back and wait for the first of many text messages : )

I go to SM on a fairly irregular basis in the hopes of a pick up , have got close a few times. Ever the optimist I believe I will find something nice there one day , but have sort of given up on Ayala , where the gals seem to be more affluent/independent , on the whole. UPDATE : Last trip got a nice one at Ayala (Entertainment Centre area). And trip after that , got another one too ! But only one , note. No wholesale freelancing in Ayala.

SM is lively , exciting (especially on weekends 4pm on) and whilst you remain in a positive frame of mind your always in with a chance (cellphone tags to the ready : )

French Baker is good for a rest , perv , then up and 'prowl' again.

Personally , I seem to have more luck when I am on the move : )

UPDATE : SM is a long shot for a pick up , long shot. Nice Mall though , worth at least one visit. And there is a new wing and entrance to Shoe Mart , called the North Wing.



Downtown shops in Colon Street are suffering from the competition of huge shopping malls like Ayala and SM . But , you have a better chance of a pick up in these downtown shops , especially with the staff , much better. But myself , I have gone 'up market' mentally and cannot suffer the working class scene of Colon St. A new guy should have a chance in Colon St. Ayala and Shoemart are aloof by comparison.

Food Halls/Cafeterias : These have 'meet' (pick up) potential too. Buy something cheap and sit next to a cutie , strike up conversation. Gaisano Metro (downtown) has a large Food Hall on the 5th Floor. Potential 'meet' , pick up place.

Unfortunately I am too snobbish nowadays for 'downtown' : )

Robinsons basement food hall , Fuente Osmena (uptown) , lunch time , has similar limited pick up potential. For sure hungry eyes will check you out as you enter this area : ) Coffee Shop , near Internet Cafe , is a slight opportunity for a Spider and Fly pick up too.

UPDATE : Last trip Gaisano Mall showed promise as pick up potential. You will have little or no foreigner competition here.



Fort San Pedro - and the Park it is located in . Downtown , and not far from the Wharf area. This area nowadays can make for amusing frivolities. Sundays 2pm onwards and into the evening there are some Housemaids etc strolling around here , hoping to meet a Filipino boy friend. Beauty Queens are not in abundance , nevertheless I know a guy who scored two cuties at this place. Two mins walking distance from Eddies Log Cabin (closed on Sundays) and normally not an area to be in at night , but there should be a Police presence in the Fort San Pedro on peoples day - Sunday. It seems this rendeszvous spot has replaced Fuente Osmena/Park Circle meeting place , opposite Garwood Hotel , which has been dampened to almost extinction by the authorities. Girls other than Housemaids , seeking romance , also frequent the San Pedro area. Working class girls or unemployed girls , nothing 'classy' struts around Fort San Pedro , Sundays or any other day. Even so, sweet , charming and admiring (of foreigners) these girls are. The occasional pimp might approach you , thus interrupting the nice innocent ambience. He is there , just in case you do not find 'romance' : )

UPDATE (San Pedro) : Very few 'victims' available on my one and only visit to San Pedro , Sunday night too , prime night , but had been raining before. Maybe that 'killed' it (rain) ? Then , on a later trip , luck , scored a nice one. Did not walk around patrolled in taxi (internal road). Safer to patrol from taxi.

Fuente Osmena circular park area (opposite Rajah Place Hotel/Robinsons) used to have potential too. Not sure if its still 'active'. Possibly on weekends ? For sure it was busy during Christmas/N.Year/Sinulog last time I was there. UPDATE : Place still empty. Seems they only open up the place during special occasions (Sinulog/Chrissy etc).

All of this info belongs to


Note : This method of getting girls via contacts is SLOW , and needs PATIENCE. If your in a hurry , this method will not work !

Over many years, I have developed Filipino contacts. To get the better ladies , who do not regularly hire themselves out, you need intermediaries. As I think I have mentioned elsewhere , if you don't mind talking to gays, they are a good intermediary to girls that we expats do not normally meet (in bed).

Unfortunately I can not bring myself to talking to gays and so, as an alternative, I have cultivated a small number of female and male agents. Non professionals can be lured by a fellow female but its a bigger ask if you set a male to recruit ladies. There are so many unemployed girls around it is not too difficult to get folks to pimp for you, but make sure they are not recruiting from a 'native' junquerra style whore house/brothel. This is where experience helps.

Even the good girls ( 'Agents' ) in the Philippines are a wily lot. Must be in the Filipino genes. I vary my approach all the time, sometimes getting ladies through 'agents' and then other times by myself, out and about 'hunting'. Any which way, as long as they are little brown bombers/LBB's : )

Apart from Disco pickups and if lucky , Shopping Malls/Food Halls , all of my girls come via my friends who I call Agents. I do not take girls from Go-Go's ; Whore Houses or off the street anymore. Exception - in Cebu , a long time ago , I took 'Conchita' off the street and in Mindanao I took 'Miss Hall of Fame' off the street. Both excellent sex and cheap as chips (P300 3 hours, but I gave them P500 (U$10) , cause they were so good. Sometimes I can be generous : )

Note - I do not pass on names/addresses of contacts/girls. I tried giving names of contacts/girls to website folks but it backfired on me. Complaints from mongers : 'contact/girl no good' , this/that happened. Complaints from Filipino contact/girl : 'foreigner no good' , and so on. My contacts don't like the idea of being thought of as pimps ('loss of face') either , hence they have requested me not to refer people to them anymore. I gave up giving out girls phone numbers long time ago. Unsatisfactory for all concerned. Personal security reasons also have to be considered. Easy for me to be identified that way. Hope you understand.

With patience and persistence , you can find your own contacts and thus non whore/semi whore type girls. Moving around shopping malls , disco's etc , that is , simple 'hunting' , should net you some babes. But you will not do this on one short trip. Needs time to be organised.

Full time pimps in downtown Cebu City or anywhere else , are usually unsatisfactory mediums , especially for the newcomer. They will trick and scam you and bring you trash , same stuff you can find yourself downtown for less.

INTERNET : This is another way of recruiting honey's.

Bear in mind there are some girls , who instead of being a GoGo girl whatever , decide to 'jockey' the Internet , making friends with guys , telling them plausible stories and getting the guys to send them money. Some of these girls are so good , at doing this , they have ten or more guys sending them money on a regular basis. Also , the picture of the girl on the Internet is not necessarily the pic of the girl you are writing to. Add to that , the person you are communicating with might be a man using some pretty girls photo to scam you.

So beware of these angles. My guess is 80% are genuine , but watch out for the exceptions : )

I do not have much experience via the Internet but know enough to suggest :

1. Make contact only 2/4 weeks before you arrive in Philippines. Otherwise you might be on the receiving end of too many hard luck stories and requests for money. Also , the longer the communication goes the more the girl will think your going to marry her etc. Such girls can be difficult to turn into a bedtime companion and even more difficult to get rid of.

2. Have a number of girls lined up cause sometimes they look very different from the pic on the Internet. Also you only see their face on the internet , what about the body , is she in a wheelchair or what ? How about the vibes ? Any ?

3. Do not tell them you are coming. Simply arrive , then meet number one choice etc , otherwise you've got 4/6 girls calling at your Hotel same time : )

4. and are popular websites , owned by the same people. Folks also talk about "cherryblossom". Adultfinder is another one. Think if you searched Google you'll find plenty of them.

CIALIS/VIAGRA: If you use the stuff and do not have a prescription , rumour has it that Priscilla Pharmacy on the corner of Juan Luna & F. Gonzalez Streets down town , will hand it out to you. UPDATE : Maybe more freely available at most pharmacies nowadays. Priscilla is inconvenient to find , try eg the big Mercury Drug Store at Fuente Osmena (opposite Robinsons) first. Not cheap , only cheap in Angeles City.


Liza's Sea-Fun Bar : In "Escape-1" Diary (NEW page) , I referred to it as 'Pirate Bar'.

Location : Manpark Road , Del Pilar Street , Guizo , Mandaue City (Phone 3444 229). Cellphone (Liza , Owner) : 0916 745 5243. Difficult for taxi drivers to find , hence phone number might come in handy. Liza (owner) can talk to your taxi driver on your cellphone and direct him to her place. I do not remember prices but they were not high , more than reasonable , except Ladies Drinks which were P150 each. When I called 30/40 attractive girls , nice atmosphere and cheap beer (Think it was P50 ). They have grope lounge areas and girls are bar fineable , P1500. I would put this place in the top five bars of Cebu City (Actually Mandaue , an extension of Cebu City). Definitely worth visiting. If it was situated anywhere near Viking-Black Hole GoGo strip , the Viking-Black folks would get a run for their money. No pole/gogo dancing at Liza's but better girls (personal opinion) and better atmosphere. Note : 'Pirate' is closed Sundays.

Pirate is the best bar in Mandaue (for me). A well kept secret until I stumbled on it : )

Club Harem :Another one stocked with good looking girls is Club Harem. But different atmosphere and modus operandi her. Pirate Bar has a superior atmosphere and m.o. for mongers. Although Harem is good for perving on near nude bodies. Ladies drinks at Harem much more expensive too. Harem worth a look , but I value 'Pirate' much higher on the 'fun scale'.

Harem Club , is easy to find , all taxi drivers know it .. Mandaue Highway , Mandaue City , some distance out from Cebu City itself , possibly P100/125 on meter nowadays (gasoline prices) , I forget. Note : Don't call Sundays , might be closed.

P100 entrance to Harem. When you get to top of first flight of stairs ask Mama-san to pull the curtain back and let you have a look at the complete line up of babes behind a glass window. About 15/20 girls and quite a few 'lookers' amongst them too , not a 'dog' to be sighted. Best line up of babes I saw in Cebu City on that particular trip.

Mama explained VIP Room "P2500 consumables" , which means you have to consume P2500 somehow (drinks , food if any , unfortunately you can not count the lady as a 'consumable' : ). Lady Drinks are P290 (expensive for Cebu). Presumably you grope , fondle babe in VIP room. If you wanted to fuck her short time I'd say it would set you back P2000 additional (guess , might be only P1000). Mama said the gals were P5000 take away all night , which is cheaper than VIP Room , plus ST , but still too much in my opinion. Maybe buy one LD , in dance area (dance hall) (not VIP box) , slip your cell phone number for a heavily discounted shag session the next day ? However , do not let Management see you do this. I found waiters , bar staff , just about everyone watching me. Hard to sneak cell phone number to girl : )

Then we went into the Dance Hall and perved on the same girls stripping , most totally nude. Sexy lacy gear etc , not a bad show. Beer was a moderate P70 (most prob increased since then). If you like perving on good looking girls , Harem Club is worth considering. Better looking girls here than the GoGo Bars of Cebu City , thats for sure.

Others .....

There are lots of other dingy/sleazy , native style places in Mandaue. Not so safe as the two mentioned above. Watch your behaviour in these 'Other' places , catering for the local filipino boys.

Sunrise Angels Bar : At the 45min mark , on of my earlier trips (before I discovered 'Pirate' Bar) I'd had enough perving , exited Harem and checked out "Sunrise Angels Bar" , a little distance from Harem , in A.C. Cortez St , Mandaue City. No entrance fee , Beer P60 , Ladies Drink P260 (ridiculous) and take out all night P4000 (ridiculous). 80% of them are only worth P1000. There were two exceptions , one was a P1500 gal , the other a P2000 gal (looker). When you call , who knows which girls will be there. Might be absent of all lookers , no one knows. Well basically this is a 'native' joint with average looking babes who would fuck better than the Harem ones at a guess. Harem ones most probably have an opinion of themselves (beautiful). Sunrise : Tiny little stage , furnishings of entire place would have cost no more than $1000 at a guess. Not bad for a 'native' experience : )

Next door to Angels there are two more 'native' bars , didnt try them , would be similar to Angels methinks. There are also other 'native' style bars scattered around Mandaue City. Better to be with a friend or a filipino (guy) as escort. You just never know : )


GUIDE : Use as a rough guide only.

In my opinion it's a bit of a nuisance going all the way out to Mactan Island (P150 taxi ride or more) , near the International Airport , to Lapu Lapu City . There is not a lot to be had out there and your not as secure as you are in Cebu City. Nevertheless, a must visit for the curious and those desiring a change from the Cebu City scene.

A smattering of native style go-go's and whore houses. That's about it. Remember, if you see a cutie at Lapu Lapu you have to cart her all the way back to Cebu City if you want to bang her in the privacy of your room. Ive done it , on occasions, but it seems an awfully long ride back to your room , especially when your keen to unwrap the merchandise and see whats inside.

Hire a taxi on an hourly basis , with a minimum of two hours (whether you have him for two hours or not) guaranteed to the driver , is best. Otherwise the drivers can make more picking up passengers. Nice tip at the end , if he does a good job (P100). The taxi driver will find all the places for you. Hourly rate : depends if your hiring him during a peak or off peak period. Use P200 per hour as a guide.

For some reason , the Japanese like Lapu Lapu , maybe cause its further away from Police HQ (Cebu City) and not heavily patrolled, and thus they can get up to their particular kind of monkey business. If you find yourself sitting in a 'Jap' place, expect the prices to be higher. UPDATE : Japanese numbers have drastically declined. Koreans are taking their place.

Small dick, big money, how could a girl resist ? : )

"Cadillac Cafe" :

Read Update , below , first (closed ?)

This is a happening on Friday nights 10pm on. Maybe Sat nights too (didnt try) , but not during week days (did try). They have accom there at P600 I believe but its value to me was the Friday night party. Small number of freelancers , maybe only two or three sometimes. But for me , the staff there are the target. Not a bad band , nice singers (girls) and happy good vibes atmosphere.

Suggest you call say 10pm , secure a good table , check out Freelancers available and sip beer. Next time I would prop at a table , leave something of no value on it to secure it , then wander off to best looking staff girl and order beer with her. All this within 60 secs to avoid wrong girl serving me. Chances are she will get the message (your interested) and serve you. Then , around second or third drink (and tipping her generously eg P20 each time) discretely pass her your cell phone number whilst asking for hers.

Around 12 midnight , after having made contact with the chick of your choice , leave final tip of say P50/100 to same girl , then head off for Cebu City and the real action.

Cadillac on Friday nights is the only real action I have experienced on Mactan Island (recent years).

UPDATE : Cadillac Cafe raided by Police and apparently currently closed. Possibility of it being re-opened not good. Forget this place for time being.


"Club Bikini" - If still open definitely worth a peek. Might be shut down , not sure.

Kara-oke/Jap-oke - "VIP" & "XO" are the big players. Walking distance from each other. Asking P2000 for the girl. Unsatisfactory value.

KTV - Golden Calesa KTV , 1st Floor (UK) , Waterfront Airport Hotel for fair skinned Visayan lookers. Mix of Americano and Japanese clientele. Not cheap. Budget babes can be found Freelancing in the Lobby 9pm on' UPDATE : Last trip 9pm on' not a single freelancer in lobby , and no one in KTV which had something like a P280 entrance (consumables). Hello girl and others 'pushy' , so out of there I go.

Massage - Waterfront Airport Hotel.

La France Cafe : Apparently its near Save More Supermarket. You might have a chance of picking up girls here , eg 4pm onwards. UPDATE : Last trip I was told by someone who should know that there is little or no chance of a pick up at this place.

Your really out of the way/isolated when you are based on Mactan Island. Exception - if your more of a beach freak than a bitch freak. Handy for beaches.

Accommodation : Heard of Ace Pension , opposite Gaisano Mall , walking distance to some bars. Budget accommodation , large rooms.

MOALBOAL: Diving Dongs (Scuba/PADI guys) like the place. Older folk not so keen on it. We have yet to receive a balanced report on this place , as no over 40's have submitted anything on it to date. Note - watch your valuables in Moalboal (and everywhere else for that matter).

In 35yrs nothing I have heard about the place has tempted me to go there. Enough said.

Although , lately on Frid and Sat nights there is a happening Disco at Pacita's Resort , where girls come from all around , just to sell pussy. Long way to go for a Disco : )

You can get there my taxi , cost you a bit (quite a distance) or go by bus ex the Southern Bus Terminal in P. del Rosario St (downtown).

BOHOL : Whilst in Cebu, you might decide to squeeze in a side trip to Bohol Island . Very sweet people, but the ambience , in its major town - Tagbilaran , is disturbed by a million noisy mosquito's (motorbike taxi's) running up and down the main street, mostly empty. Accommodation and Restaurants are difficult. Nightlife is almost non existent. Been there about three times , enjoyed myself to a certain extent, but always returned home to Cebu City empty handed.

If a Boholana wants to get her gear off for a fee, she does it in Cebu City, not in her own backyard where everybody can see what she's doing. And if a resident expat of Bohol , or whoever, wants to have a naughty night , he hops on a Trimiran and spends the weekend in Cebu City.

Bohol is quite an enchanting place, but dont be over confident about success with the ladies. PS: The much touted Chocolate Hills are over rated.

See Other Towns , Dumaguete , for info on how to get to Bohol on the Ocean Jet trimiran service.

So, its time to say farewell to this virtual 'Pearl of the Orient', aka , 'Sows Ear' , Cebu City, and say hello to a new and slowly 'blossoming' pearl of the South called - Davao City. UPDATE : If it is blossoming , its blossoming at a very slow pace. No comparison with Angeles or Manila for 'action'. I have virtually given up on Davao. Visit ever 2/3 yrs , if that.


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